Throughout my life, I have been called to help people discover identity and healing. Through training as a Reiki master and a mental health counselor, I have built skills to work on mind and body healing. Through my own spiritual journey and study, I have begun to study the role that spiritual health plays in the health of mind and body.

Reiki is the primary tool that I use in my one on one sessions. However, by integrating the arts, ritual creation, Akashic Records and Tarot readings, intuitive healing/reading, and supportive counseling, we can build a pathway to a more embodied, empowered spirit, mind and body.

A Reiki session (30 or 60 minutes) is the most basic session. Using Reiki, we can explore your energetic blocks, and work on mind/body/spirit health.

An integrative healing session (90 minutes) will bring in more healing modalities, and begin building toward releasing energetic blocks, working through past and present life challenges, and developing a richer connection to the spiritual self in order to more fully live the life that you’re in.



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