Groundhog Day

This is a funny little holiday.  Or so it seems on the surface.  Why do we choose this day each year to watch a tiny mammal and let it predict what’s to come?

The energetic meaning of this day is ancient.  What we call Groundhog Day in 21st century terms is rooted in the ancient celebration of Imbolc. Imbolc is about celebrating the return of the sun, and the nearing of winter’s end.  In essence, that hasn’t changed – we are looking to the groundhog to tell us when winter will end and spring will begin.

Energetically, winter is a time to rest, and gestate, and heal.  Check in with yourself today and ask yourself if you have taken the time for rest and self-care that you need during this time of hibernation, gestation, and regeneration.  What does your internal “groundhog” tell you about your own energy and whether it is ready for spring and the momentum of birth and rebirth and action.

February is a great time to tune up and tune in with yourself.  Schedule a reiki session, reconnect with your own personal meditation or yoga practice, go for a walk in the woods and see what feels like it might be brewing under the surface.  Use this time of potential energy to build toward a new idea or project or direction for yourself as the sap begins to run and the ground begins to warm as we move toward the Spring Equinox.

Here in the United States, there is a level of energetic turmoil swirling through our nation.  Even if you aren’t engaged in politics, you are probably feeling the effects of the political world on your daily life through friends, family, social media, and the news. As an empath and healer, I have found myself struggling to stay in balance in the midst of this emotional storm. Managing my own fear and anger is a daily struggle, even without the triggers of political action, but I am also always aware of these and other negative emotions in others, and you probably are too, whether you know it or not.  Ask yourself how you can tap into the energy of this season of rest and gestation to help ground yourself in the midst of this highly emotional energy.

Find the time to ground yourself with something that makes you feel stable and connected to your true self. This might be a crystal or stone that you carry, a favorite food that is warming and soothing, a commitment to time spent in nature, a daily writing practice or exercise habit, or even just a quiet time in your car, the shower, or your bed when you just take time to be your whole self – resting in the knowledge that your authentic self is enough, is everything that you need to be, and that being present in the moment is sometimes all you need to be.


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